Six ways to avoid Google's naughty step

There is no way round it.  If you upset Google in some way you will pay for it by having your blog or website downgraded potentially to the equivalent of outer Siberia.   Here are some of the things for  which Google could penalise your site.

Buying links to your website

This was once a sure fire way to increase traffic to your site.  Google looks for which sites link to your site and the more links the higher you are rated.  Well that was once but not any more.  Low rated sites linking to your site will have the opposite effect to the one desired.  Good links from high value sites are always good, anything else is bad.  Don't ever buy links!

Article Spinning

Writing good quality articles is what Google wants, isn't it?  Yes that is true, but unfortunately there was once a time when Google could not tell whether an article on one website was the same as an article on potentially numerous other article spinning sites.  The idea behind article spinning was to write a good article …

The viability of adding AdSense to your website

Google have been monetising websites with AdWords since 2000 and with AdSense since 2003. AdWords enable you to advertise on the Google search engine in possibly a more preferential position than you would have normally achieved through your own website's ranking. 

AdSense on the other hand provides AdWords advertisers with the ability to place banner ads on your website.  This should normally be relevant to the kind of website you own and these ads are placed according to algorithms created by Google.   Because of this, there is also the possibility that the ads displayed may not always have a relevancy to your particular market.  They are just targeted at the user's personal interests based on their internet usage.

If your are interested in setting up an AdSense account you will need a gmail account and be over 18.  As AdSense is promoted on websites you need to have at least a WordPress or Google Blogger account.  Again, bear in mind that you  do  need to have a realistic l…

High Search Engine Rankings

Getting high rankings in the search engines is going to be more of a challenge since Google  decided that article marketing, blog postings and similar back link strategies are not as highly rated as they were previously.

So this leaves many would be marketers with a dilemma in that if they use new methods which work today will they find themselves penalized tomorrow by the likes of Bing, Yahoo and Google when new evaluations of SEO are introduced.  After all, article marketing, creating back links via Hubpages and (Squidoo before they went into liquidation) were all fairly standard methods proposed by most SEO strategists in the past.

Yet now with new algorithms being developed by the search engines many of these methods will no longer produce the goods when it comes to ranking well and therefore getting visitors to your site.  In fact there is every possibility that the opposite effect may occur where these very strategies could now harm your carefully crafted SEO strategies.

How much time is needed to run a successful internet marketing business?

Time is something that is a most important factor when considering starting up an internet marketing business.  For instance, could you realistically achieve a reasonable income if you were only able to devote 20 minutes per day to the task?  20 minutes per day equates to approximately 10 hours a month.  This isn't an enormous amount of time for any business so is it a feasible target?

Perhaps the secret to success in internet marketing is in the timing as it is in most things in life even if it is only 20 minutes per day.  So if you are interested in creating an internet marketing business but see time as an issue, ie you cannot afford to spend more than 20 minutes a day as long as you persevere you may achieve your ambitions.

If you spend your 20 minutes in researching something about which you are passionate you are more likely to succeed.  Bear in mind that you may have to continue for several years before seeing your online business succeeding.  Don't believe any hype tha…

Google Panda impact on affiliate marketing

For long enough if you had a web site and a basic knowledge of SEO you could probably make a decent living promoting products through affiliate marketing.  Since Google has become a major force on the web things have become a lot more complicated.  Now you have to be aware of how Google reacts to your whole website in order to survive.

If you understand the new order you can accommodate the changes into your marketing efforts and continue to profit from marketing on the web.  Google is only making changes like Panda in order to give its customers a better experience when using its search engines.  After all the reason Google is the most used search engine is down to the fact that it gives in most cases the most accurate results.  Google is wanting to provide the best user experience for its customers and it is intent on doing this even if this leads to many websites seeing a dramatic drop in traffic.  The fact is that some major websites did see major traffic drops after the introduc…

Some benefits of location based software

Location based apps such as foursquare, gowalla, loopt and forkly let you find interesting places near to your current whereabouts.  You can find restaurants, cafes and other places of interest simply by using this type of app.  The benefits to vendors at the various places you could visit, whilst in a particular location, are immediately apparent.  Primarily because, with this location based technology, you can quickly locate somewhere to eat, stay or buy that next important must have item.  Importantly that decision to visit is often  based on others users experiences either via reviews or by liking a particular venue.  The vendors get a sale by being found by the app and the customer is happy because the app finds appropriate places to visit within easy reach of their current location.

From a marketing point of view you could see this kind of  location based solution as a win win situation.  However from the vendor's viewpoint the advantages are only  significant if they have a …

Google’s response to article marketing spinners and other dubious SEO techniques

When you think about it Google is always looking for ways to improve its users experience when searching for relevant content.  More and more sophisticated algorithms are being developed  by  Google as it constantly battles with dubious search engine optimisation techniques.  Search engine optimisation methods which are in effect ensuring that the user experience searching for quality and relevant information is less rather than more satisfactory.

One such dubious method is article spinning.  The idea behind article spinners is that you can write one quality article and then use alternative words and phrases to make many copies of the article with specifically designed software for the task.  In effect the basic content or message  of the article remains the same only the words are changed for the benefit of the search engines.  This assumes that Google, Bing and other well known search engines are incapable of detecting that the article is just one of many other similar copies of the…