Friday, 2 July 2010

The first week as an Internet Marketer

Could your first week at creating an on-line presence actually result in some much needed revenue? After all the main reason for promoting affiliate products is to make sales. If you don't make any sales in your first week there is no need to feel despondent. As they say, Rome wasn't built in a day. Even many successful Internet Gurus had difficulty in the early stages. Some didn't have a guide to help them get started quickly and others felt they lacked a clearly laid out route to success.

Jennifer Ledbetter, a successful internet marketing guru and stay at home mom, started out on her internet marketing journey just over three years ago and credits much of her success to the Squidoo website. There are other websites out there like the Hub that offer a free web presence, however Squidoo has developed a big following because of its easy user interface and how it links to Amazon and other websites. The fact that Google also likes it helps a lot. After all no one will be able to find your Squidoo lens, that's Squidoo for a web page, unless Google is aware of it.

When you start creating your lens just choose a topic which interests you. If say you are a tennis fan who loves cooking and learning to speak Italian then right away you have at least three subjects to inspire you to great lens creation. Remember if you have a passion for something it will show up in your lens.

You can create your first lens with the help of Jennifer's new Guide for Newbies. You can get a copy here which will show you how to create your first lens. It's really easy to do.

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