Monday, 18 July 2011

Is auto blogging software a useful internet marketing strategy?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a way to completely automate your internet marketing business?  Well according to a lot of websites out there all you need to do is spend less than a $100 for a magical software program that will generate all the articles you could ever desire for your niche.  However, even the most basic research on Google shows that most who have tried these systems are at best disappointed and at worst end up having to remove such automated content from their websites.  Why? Well to put it simply Google doesn’t want to feed its users with information which is either a regurgitated  article or bits of different articles which have been put together by a computer and  just don’t read well. 

Then there are the systems which will basically  search the web for relevant articles for your niche and post them on your website automatically.  Google doesn’t rate this kind of activity very highly either and it usually results in your site being downgraded.  These auto blogging software programs can take somebody’s well written quality article and by changing a few phrases and words spin it into a new unique article.  However, this usually results in an article which is still very  similar in overall meaning to the original and this  process called spinning  is after all  just  a  form of plagiarism if you didn’t write the article in the first place.

So the bottom line is as always that if you are thinking that there is an easy way to make a living online by such methods you will be in for an unpleasant surprise as well as being out of pocket!  Whatever market you have decided to promote on line your best course of action is to research properly and then write something meaningful which will engage you prospective audience.  If you think you are incapable of doing this you should consider using one of the many on line services which will provide you with articles which have been specifically written on your chosen niche.  You could for instance save on the cost of employing a writer by doing some basic research before passing  this work  to someone who has the skill sets to provide you with a unique quality  article.  Surprisingly you will find that such services are reasonably affordable and much better value as an investment in your internet marketing activities than the computer generated variety.